Month: September 2017

  • VAT – A nightmare for Tax Payers

    VAT or alternatively known as Value Added Tax is one of the most complicated and disputed tax all around the world. VAT is imposed on the consumption goods whenever a value is added to the goods at their final stage of the production.  VAT is commonly used in European countries but now other countries are […]

  • Simple Hacks On Taking Care Of Your Veneers

    Dental veneer are known to help dental patients who suffer numerous dental problems. It help bring back the smile of those who have yellowish teeth, gap tooth, and enhance the overall appearance of your pearly whites. But your veneers also need some TLC for it to last long and maintain those beautiful smile. If you […]

  • Immigration Support Program – What is it all about?

    Immigration support programs are largely offered in order to make the entire process of migrating to a new country a whole lot easier. These programs are particularly famous in Canada, and ample attention has been paid to it by the Canadian government. If truth be told, the mission of the Department of Citizenship and Immigration […]