Simple Hacks On Taking Care Of Your Veneers

Dental veneer are known to help dental patients who suffer numerous dental problems. It help bring back the smile of those who have yellowish teeth, gap tooth, and enhance the overall appearance of your pearly whites.

But your veneers also need some TLC for it to last long and maintain those beautiful smile. If you are wearing veneers, here are some simple hacks for you to follow to take good care of them.

Say NO to teeth grinding

There are some people who have a habit of grinding their teeth due to different reasons (anxiety, excitement, or nighttime grinders). But whether you have veneers or not, constant grinding can cause damage to your pearly whites. For those who have veneers, it might wear down your veneers and damage the porcelain. As much as possible, avoid this habit. If you are having a hard to stopping this, consult with your dentist on treatment options to stop you from grinding and clenching your teeth. The usual treatment option would be wearing a mouth guard at night to prevent teeth or veneer damage.

Avoid food and drinks that may cause stain

Dental veneers in Dubai are made to withstand damage, but still you need to protect it from possible staining. Veneers stains may came from consumption of dark-colored food and drinks will darkened the adhesive of the veneers. If consumption of these food and drinks is inevitable, be sure to brush immediately to remove the staining agent that is left on the veneer and the adhesive.

Don’t chew inedible objects

Like grinding, chewing hard, inedible objects can cause damage to your teeth. Chewing in ice, pencils, or fingernails can cause significant damage to your veneer which is not as hard as your regular teeth. If you do it continuously, expect the veneers to break and your original teeth to get damaged. The treatment for this condition might be more costly as you need to look for a stronger kind of dental veneers or get an alternative treatment to repair chipped tooth. As much as possible, refrain from doing this habit.

Uphold proper dental care

Whether you are wearing porcelain dental veneer or just going through your everyday dental care, you need to ensure that your teeth is thoroughly cleaned through the day. For one, sugar and food debris left in your mouth can cause teeth deterioration or turn your veneers yellowish. Be sure to brush every after meal and before you go to sleep. Do not forget to floss to ensure that food debris is removed from hard to reach places in the corners of your mouth. If you are into contact sports, be sure to wear a mouth guard as an added protection.

Check with your dentist regularly

Taking care of your teeth alone is not enough, especially if you have veneers. You need to check with your dentist regularly to ensure that you are doing the right dental care and also to prevent the onset of any dental problems and gum disease.

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