Smoking Styles That Enthusiasts Should Know

For some people, smoking is just part of their everyday routine and habit and no more than that. But the truth it, the way you smoke says a lot about your character and personality. It might not be apparent at first but on a closer look, you will notice that each smoker exudes certain character.

Cigarette companies in Dubai often target a specific group or personalities that fit their brand image. If you are not aware about what category you belong, be sure to read this list and be educated on the most smoking styles and the personality traits that go with each category:

  • The Beginner

Basically, every smoker went through this stage and you can easily tell. Apart from their age, you can see that novice smokers feel nervous when handed a cigarette. It seems that they don’t want people to see that they are not a pro at this habit. They try to smoke on their own or in hidden view to conceal the fact that they are not yet well-adept in this habit.

  • For Fun Smoker

This group of smokers are also known as recreational smokers and only smoke on certain occasions. While some people get hook on the addictive quality of the product, recreational smokers have the ability to keep their addiction and habit contained. Most individuals who fall on this category smoke only during events or when they feel like it.

  • New Age Vapers

You probably see this new generation of smokers, taking advantage of the technology. Vapers today want to experience the feel of smoking without actually smoking the real thing. They do it through mods and a variety of flavored juices and e-liquids. People who vape want to experiments and try out new things. Although there are some vapers who are former smoking enthusiasts who want to quit smoking and transition to a new habit.

  • Old-timers

They are also called the pros or cowboy smokers. Unlike beginners, these individuals are confident and more at ease when handed a cigarette. They have this air of authority and power which make smoking seem like normal.

  • The Fanatic

Most smokers stick to one cigarette brand for the rest of their lives, but the fanatic does not stick to one brand or type. As much as possible, smoking fanatics and evangelists would like to try new things like the vapers but would not jump hastily to sticking to new brands.

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