There are countless countries out there who boast of an income that is largely driven by the tourism and hospitality industry. The fact of the matter is that every other country out there wishes to enhance its tourism industry to reap the benefits that it has to offer. There are many people of the world wants to world’s numerous places as tourist. This tourism industry helps the other industries or businesses of the country. Some people wants to visit different countries of the world. So, they require visa. Some companies offer fine services regarding the visa processing e.g. some offer UK visa from Abu Dhabi or some offer USA visit visa from Abu Dhabi.


Hotel Industry: This industry largely depend on the tourism of the country because the tourists need to stay in somewhere in the country. So, hotels fulfil their requirement of stay in the country. So, a huge impact of the tourism is on the hotel industry. The more the tourists visit the country the more sales of the hotel industry increases.


Airline Industry: this industry of the country will boosts if tourist around the world visit the country because tourists prefer to travel by air in order to save time and utilize the same in visiting the places of the desired country. So, a large part of revenue can be generated via tourists. In this way, airline industry flourishes from all aspects means locally and internationally. This industry largely depends on the Tourism industry of the country.


Car and Coach Rental Services: When tourists visit any country they may prefer to travel by their rented cars. This is because they feel freedom of traveling and ease in visiting the places. They can stay more time to the place which they want. In this way, they can change the schedule as per the requirement. Some tourists are in the shape of group so they need the bigger vehicle like bus or coach for traveling to the desired places. So, a healthy tourism shall be fruitful for this business also.


Railway: Many tourists want to visit places by using the trail traveling because they feel better in reviewing the other places of the country by train traveling. This train traveling has its own taste. Some countries have very good railway services, which also attract the people to travel by train. It is less expensive and more joyful traveling. Railway business also increases if the tourism of the country grows. Its large amount of revenue can also be generated by tourism industry.