Immigration support programs are largely offered in order to make the entire process of migrating to a new country a whole lot easier. These programs are particularly famous in Canada, and ample attention has been paid to it by the Canadian government. If truth be told, the mission of the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada to strengthen Canada by making it possible for immigrants to come to Canada on both temporary and permanent basis so as to fulfill the cultural, economic and social needs of the varying communities that are based all through Canada.

In order to make the settlement of newcomers significantly easier, the CIC has taken an initiative and has funded three separate settlement programs aimed at immigrants coming in through immigration services Dubai. However, there is one resettlement program as well that is focused upon refugees. The programs along with the goals that they aim to fulfil are:

ISAP or Immigrant Settlement and Adaptation Program
This particular program is meant to assist immigrant settlement and integration by providing funds to service providers who are focused on delivering direct services to immigrants. The services that they offer are inclusive of:

  • Reception
  • Orientation
  • Interpretation
  • Translation
  • Counselling
  • Employment related services
  • General information
  • Access to community resources

All of these services are meant to make settlement in the country easier for the immigrants. These also include research projects, workshops and training programs.

Host Programs

This program is also meant to help immigrants get over the stress associated with having to move to a new country. In this program, volunteers from the host country who are familiar with its ways help newcomers acquire information about the services that are available in the country. They further teach them about the ways in which these are to be used. The volunteers also help the newcomers take part in community based activities. In return, the host volunteers get to acquire information about new cultures, foreign lands, varying languages and the best part is that they get to make friends belonging to different communities.  Click here for more information.

LINC or Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada
This program is meant to assist in the cultural, social and economic integration of refugees and immigrants in the country. The program also provides ample help in terms of making it easier for newcomers to get used to the Canadian way of life. This way, the immigrants actually get to become active members of the Canadian society and community, and contribute to the growth of the country.

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