Top 16 interesting facts about brain

Brain and nervous system is that part of the body which is the center of attention and need to study. Their betterment can keep your all organs as much better as you cannot think of it. Their betterment can reduce the need of laser vaginal tightening. Do you want to know how? 

Read below! 

  1. There are more neurons in the brain of the human than Milky way above the atmosphere space. 
  2. There are billions of neurons in the brain. 
  3. It would make the path of more than 900 km if we connect all neurons. 
  4. The right side of the brain control the left side of the body and left side of the brain is the manager of right side of the body.
  5. There are 13,500,000 nerve cells in spinal cord, alone. 
  6. New born baby has triples of neurons before they are born. They losel half of them before the north. 
  7. Women’s brain have 10 times more white matter than men and men’s brain has 6.5 times more grey matter than women. 
  8. Your brain need sodium ions and potassium to work properly because the whole chemical cycle depends on them. 
  9. Human nervous system sends nerve impulse at the speed of 100 metres per second and at many times the speed of transmission can be 180 miles per hour. 
  10. You have a nervous system that work when you take rest. This nervous system is called parasympathetic nervous sure. 
  11. You have complete nervous system in your digestive system. It is called as enteric nervous system. That’s the reason why human has gut feelings. 
  12. A child get 90s percent of his best genes for the nervous system from mother and 10 percent from father. 
  13. Your brain and system can be hacked by the help of programming or altering your genes. 
  14. The brain works more when your sleeping than when you are awake. 
  15. The brain utilizes or consumes more energy than other parts of the body. 
  16. Your brain is constantly changing if you are learning something everyday. 

So,  these are few facts about brain and its system. On the other hand, if you believe that you are having troubles with your reproductive health, then it is highly recommended for you to visit a PCOS specialist in Dubai.

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