Facts About Anxiety

What do you call that feeling when you have to wait outside the principal’s office? Or what kind of feeling you get when you break an expensive crockery inside your or your neighbor home? You feel butterflies in your stomach, right! Well, those are not any butterflies, that is a feeling that is called anxiety. Some people coupe with it really well and it goes away after some minutes but there are people who continuously have these feelings and, in a way, that they don’t know where to go and what to do. You can say that their brain is always on storm mode and they cannot think straight. This is the feeling that is called anxiety. For many of us this is a regular and a normal feeling but there are people who get this feeling on even the smallest things and it is very disturbing for them. You can get the best anxiety counselling in Dubai.

But one should know that there are five different types of anxieties and the first is general anxiety disorder (GAD). People suffering from GAD are always worrying about their health and finances even if they have good health and a lot of money. In other words, they are always worried without a cause. The second is panic disorder, people who have panic attacks get these attacks due to the smallest of news but, in this case, this is just bad news by which they get the panic attack. The problem is also called the intense periods of severe distress. The third is social anxiety disorders (SAD), as obvious from the name this is the kind of disorder that doesn’t let a person interact with different people. In a smaller level, people have made this a trend and they call themselves introverts. You can get the best treatment of eating disorder in Dubai.

The fourth is the problem that you also might have listened to it in terms of jokes and even you having it. This issue is called the obsessive compulsion disorder (OCD), in this type, the person is always trying to get things in perfection. Either it is a row or a line of plates or anything that needs a discipline. You must be wondering this is a thing that all people do but the person who has severe OCD can get panic attacks as well. The fifth and the last is specific phobias, in this type, people are in constant fear due to some reason.

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