Creative ways to increase the team relationship

Team work is a vital part of every company whether there are few people or hundreds of people. If the team work lacks in any company then that company will struggle to prosper further in the race of being the best. Ti increase the team work and their confidence in each other there are many corporate team building activities in Dubai are present which you can play too. You can have these activities in your company office by yourself if you think you can handle the respective activity or you can hire another company that is expert in conducting these activities. If you are conducting by yourself then click here for few suggestions of activities for you:

Memory wall: You can start this activity with some paper sheets, board and some pens and markers. Then you have to give time to each employee that they should roam around the space and then write down all the positive experiences they had with the other people in the room. Once they end writing few experiences then you have to give them a big sheet of paper and ask them to draw something which can relate to that positive memory. You have to give time for this activity of about half an hour. You should also tell them to draw together with the other person with whom they had the memory. At the end when all the drawings are there on the board then you have to encourage each participant to come and elaborate their memories which they drew. This will help in making a positive environment in the office.

Back of napkin: This is another activity which is quite interesting and builds cooperation between the members. In this activity you have to divide all members in such a way that one team members were never worked together in past is the form of teams, it will increase their bonding. There would be 2, 3 or 4 teams depending on the number of members you have. Once you divided them you have to discuss with them any problem relating to your company or any other general problem of public or environment. Then you have to ask them to draw the solution of that problem on the back of napkin visualized in any form.

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