Having a visa is very important for both the host country and the traveler as no one can think of travelling without it. The applicants have various options for visa applications to travel across the world like they can apply for US visa in Qatar, Canada visa Doha, Australian visa Doha and much more. No matter for which county the applicant had applied for visa the important thing is that he must follow the accurate procedure and submit all the required documents as according to the specified criteria of that particular country. Secondly he must be confident enough in the interview and answer all questions appropriately to the visa officer to enhance the chances of his visa approval. Following are some of the important reasons of having a visa.


Many people just love travelling through out the world so it is necessary for them to have a proper visa. Secondly there are some other reasons of travelling as well like family vacations, office meetings, business expansion purposes, visiting a family member, educational survey and much more. To accomplish all these purposes an appropriate visa of the respective country is compulsory as without it the person can not travel to an international country at all.

Work and residency

There are very strict rules for working in another country as a normal tourist can not start working by his own. For this purpose he had to apply for a working visa first and only after the approval he is allowed to work in that respective country. There are several steps involved while applying for a working visa in an international country. On the other hand visa is also very essential for the host country as this defines that whether that specific person qualifies to permanently reside within their borders or not. This will also enable the immigration department to decide when to provide the citizenship to their permanent resident.

Immigration control and identity verification

A visa is very important for immigration control as it will let the central government to control that how many foreign visitors can enter, for how long they are allowed to stay and in which activities they are allowed to participate. All these aspects are very consequential for terrorism, overpopulation and economic concerns. On the other hand a visa also enable the immigration department to verify the identity of the traveler prior to his arrival.