As it name show MF tractors are used for the agricultural purposes and out of many tractors that Messy Ferguson Company manufactured, MF 375 tractors are the most demanding tractor due to its amazing features. This company also manufactured MF 290 tractors with good features but these are less demanding as compared to the MF 375. There are several reasons for their high demand and some of the main features are as below: 

First amazing feature is that the company has manufactured good lights because these tractors are often used at night too. They have given high frequency head lights and sharp indicators so that when they have been used at night then there will be no problem for the farmers and also to other people.

Another thing which is very important in any tractor is the brake system. They need to be very accurate because in the farms they should be very careful about where to use tractor and where to not use. If the brakes are not efficient then the corps can be ruined due to the over use of these tractors. By keeping in mind this thing, the company provided multi disk brakes which work with the help of hydraulic system. These brakes make it possible to stop where needed.

Farms are not like smooth easy roads, there are lots of bumps there are a tractor will only be suitable and demanding if it can control the vibrations and bump feeling to the farmer driving that tractor. These MF375 have this amazing feature of balancing the wheels and so it provides the smooth running of the tractor even in the farms. Its balancing will reduce the vibrations of the engine too.

As mentioned above, people often use tractors to work on their farms at night and for this purpose it is also important that the tractor will produce lowest possible noise so the people around that farm will not get disturbed. In villages people are used to sleep early and there will be no noises there as compared to cities and in this situation if a framer start using tractor with high frequency voices then it will be unbearable for others. MF tries to minimize this problem and manufacture it MF 375 which produces low noise which is suitable for nights.